co co​-​intel

by spiritchild

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co co-intel
operation: liberation plantation beats suite #82343


released December 4, 2013



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spiritchild Bronx, New York

spiritchild, as he is known, is a freedom singer from the south Bronx by way of Brooklyn, who uses the arts to cultivate a cultural revolution. He integrates activism and hip hop music production as the founder of the Movement In Motion Artist & Activist Collective. As the Rhythmic Poet of the Hip Hop Fusion Band Mental Notes, he uses his music to converse with his audience to injustices. ... more

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Track Name: assata vs versace
Assata vs Versace

Assata Assata they upping the bounty they want to get on her
but we got a plan can't put it on record won't do it your honor
i know how you do with that COINTEL you just run and tell on us
so go tell the feds we going nowhere you heavy upon us
Harriet Tubman, - Fannie Lou Hammer
if there was one left in the chamber there would be no remainder
live free... or die- you fight, I fight – you ride, I ride – you die, I die
Assata Assata i'm telling you all, you must read about her
tell me how we got a black president that just don't care about her
its land of the free but I see that they weak they imprison my mama
really obama? - ha, what?
she got so much love she still giving love through struggle and pain
a mother a poet a beautiful black womin of day
she fed the people protected the people no we not afraid
to follow your way, make it even better today
i'm learning, i'm teaching, i'm seeking, i'm reaching, i'm breaking these chains
so take off them chains, rock them dreads instead
medallions instead, stop perming your hair
and while we at it close sweatshops that ain't hip hop yeahhhh.

Assata Assata, Assata Assata Shakur...

a black panther, BLA organizer, she the answer everyday ready rider
may 2, 1973 they shot Assata, (they shot Assata)
on the new jersey turnpike they profiled 3 riders, Zayd Shakur killed rest in power
only two left, she and Sundiata
they claimed the gun found on Zayd killed Werner Foerster
Assata Assata i'm telling you all, you must read about her
tell me how we got a black president that don't care about her
its land of the free but I see that they weak they imprison our mama's, really obama, ha what?
november 2, 1979 after 6 years behind enemy lines
she emerged in cuba, now isn't that divine, political asylum, she free to ride
still on pursuit, may 2nd 2005 1 million bounty from nj troopers and fbi
and if that ain't enough may 2nd 2013 40 years later to 2 mill, they upped it up

Assata Assata, Assata Assata Shakur...

adding insult to injury listen to this, she's the first womin named on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list
talking about whats gangster, she black at that I mean
you had the weatherman underground blowing up federal buildings
womyn the fastest growing prison population free them all
wait hold up, I said they were blowing up federal buildings, robbing banks
even allegedly killed a few people
they all professors now though, bernadine – bill – kathy
it goes to show, you black riding for freedom you ain't going to get a tenure
you ain't going to be a professor, you going to be politically exiled, best at that
even worse locked up in solitary confinement.
Track Name: i ain't talking with you
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